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Vitaly Lunkin

Vitaly Lunkin is basically from Moscow, in Russia. He is a Russian proficient poker player who has won the World Series of Poker bracelets that too twice. Vitaly was initially a renju and backgammon champion before building himself as a poker proficient. He is one of Russia’s most conspicuous players and has a national record of five consecutive back to back last tables in down home title occasions. Read more »

Jay Heimowitz

Jay Heimowitz is an American poker player from Bethel, New York. Heimowitz was one of the definitive players to help secure the Mayfair Club as a chief poker house. Heimowitz began playing poker for baseball cards at the age of 9. He went ahead to join the U.S. Guard; when he exited the administration at age 21, Heimowitz had won roughly USD 10,000 playing against his individual servicemen. Heimowitz utilized this cash to contribute as a part of a lager organization, which he later sold to Budweiser. He has played at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) since 1975 and has won six arm ornaments.

Heimowitz won a Poker after Dark title on his sole presence, gaining USD 120,000. The show was themed around previous Mayfair Club regulars with a table made out of Heimowitz, Dan Harrington, Mickey Appleman, Howard Lederer and Mike Shichtman. Starting 2009, he has made over USD 2,000,000 in live competition spoils. His 36 gets the money for at the WSOP represent USD 1,503,615 of the aforementioned winnings. Outside of poker, Heimowitz gets a charge out of keeping himself fit.

Heimowitz took his trade and put resources into for spendable dough a lager organization, worked eighty hours weeks, and in the end parlaying his business into a Budweiser brewskie distributorship at the age of 23. Clearly he had than barely diligent work trying for him. His hard-driving business life has been tempered just somewhat by his wife of 45 years, Carole. They have four kids, who are already showing interest towards poker.

Through 1974, there had just been eleven separate victors at the WSOP, and the greater parts of them were “known” experts like Puggy Pearson and Johnny Moss, and Sailor Roberts. There were fewer occasions in those days, and the thought of having a little purchase in, no-restriction occasion happened in 1974. You didn’t must be a novice, as confirm by the first victor, Amarillo Slim. Jay was unquestionably a novice in 1975, recognizing his fundamental investment was his family and his organizations, yet he played as a prepared expert, thumping out alternate participants and winning a gold wrist trinket.

Paur, Weiss Discuss Craziest WSOP Heads-Up Match Ever

In the recent WSOP series, everything was going smooth with poker player Taylor Paur until his opponent did not came back from the dinner. Weiss was giving a tough competition to Taylor Paur and it was very difficult for him to win the final title. According to Taylor Paur, he has never faced such a tough battle in his entire poker career. At the end, Paur was able to won the game somehow but it was very difficult for him to survive on final table. There was a time when he put the Paur at the edge of elimination. It was very difficult for him to believe that in few years the players has changed dramatically.

There is no doubt that Paur is an experienced player in the poker world. He is playing online or offline poker tournaments successfully. His total earning is more than $4 million through internet poker. His live earning is more than $2 million at regular poker tournament. He is registered at Full tilt poker website as a professional poker player. He knows how to use the cards in his favor. His poker strategies are incredibly good and he knows how to perform well even in bad situation. Weiss has never made such a big cash amount in the poker tournaments.

Weiss is highly inspired by legend poker player Maniac. Maniac’s strategies are working wonderful the poker player Weiss. No one was expecting such wonderful performance from Weiss. This is the reason why Paur was shocked by his tricks and strategies. Paur has won his first WSOP bracelet recently. He is extremely happy with his victory after such a tough battle. Paur’s friends have watched his entire play and they are also very much happy by his victory. We are looking for a deep run from this wonderful player in near future also.

The Maryland Taxman at the 2005 WSOP

With the ever-increasing popularity of online poker since the turn of the century since the turn of the century, the poker variant of Texas Hold ‘Em has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Players from all over the globe have been enticed by the lure of winning that one big pot – and they don’t come much bigger than the pot at the WSOP Main Event (World Series of Poker). Read more »

Maria Ho

A degree in communication can go a long way in ensuring that you have a successful career in a number of fields and this is one degree which has a lot of career opportunities. There are very few who would want to leave this lucrative career for the game of poker. Maria Ho is one of them; she not only left a very attractive career to play the game of poker, but she also used her communication skills to enhance her game. This made it easy for her to learn the tricks of the trade and also gave her an advantage over her opponents. Being a good communicator, she could also read the minds of other people and this skill came in very handy, especially during her learning days.

Maria Ho believed in the traditional Chinese culture and completed her education and learning of other activities in time. She was an excellent academic student and topped in everything she did. She had a passion for music and loved to play violin and piano. She was also a singer. In other words, she is a multitalented personality and this made her a great poker player. Her urge to learn and make the most out of her learning made her one of the most leading poker players of the world.

Her passion for the game of poker evolved when she was introduced to it in her college days. Playing at the local level, she learned the rules of the game and this made her a true professional. As per her nature, she mastered the game within no time and was a part of the international circuits. This enhances her bank balance and made her the most dreaded opponent in the game of poker. With many tournaments and cash prizes in her name, she is moving ahead and there is no looking back for her.

A Graceful Poker Player

Aaron Kanter is among most prolific poker player, he plays very well both offline and online, he had graced the table of poker rooms in the previous years. He stood 4th in the World Series of Poker Main Event in the year 2005 by defeating many big names; this was his biggest winning achievement. He got his new name “The Giant Killer”, due to his marvelous winning achievement, exploits and cash winning prize of $2 million by occupying 4th place at the final table.

Aaron spends his life by working as a mortgage broker after completing his college graduation; he is good at his profession and he is even great in his next profession as poker player. He discovered online poker at the time of his college period; and soon started coasting from one tournament to another and started making his name in the world of poker. He has got natural skill gift of scientists and mathematicians from his lovely family members. He was bought up at Lodi, California with the air surrounded with science and maths. Later on, Aaron decided to use his natural gift in a better way.

He has even got gift of reading opponents mind perfectly and accurately, his prediction for online and offline game is most of the time true. He usually has a worst hand beginning with the River bailing out, due to this feature Aaron is considered as a lucky poker player by top most poker players. Aaron walked out from many of the major tournaments by holding high cash prize money along with him. One of his biggest achievements is of $17,787 from the WPT PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure; he stood at 48th place in this tournament. Aaron has his own philosophy that – “if the pot is large, he cannot afford to be exclude from that particular table round.