$30k Guaranteed Poker Main Event

The poker news main event is a special poker tournament going to be held on pokerstars. This poker tournament will be open only to the poker players according to a source. Bragging a prize amount of $30,000, this tournament is going to be the most precious Poker event in the history of Poker tournaments. One can play this game online this year only after you have qualified for a free seat.

Each and every poker player will have to start with ample bunch of 30,000 chips. They will have to play till superb blind structure that begins at 50/100 and keeps on increasing every 15 minutes. The structure of the game is prepared in such a way so that it helps players rise to the top of the chip counting.

There are actually three routes accessible to take part I the tournament. The first one is only open to players. And the other two routes are reserved for the loyal customers. All you need to be sure is that you qualify the event’s kicks off which will be held on 9th July. Those using the bonus code STARS600 and can make first deposit will get a token for the main event of this poker tournament.
Existing customers can also participate in the main event as long as they have earned 150VPPS but only before June 30th. The best part is that the poker players can count what they have earned before to grab a seat. The final way to play the tournament is to directly purchase the tickets for just $1 and $10.