A big budget poker player

Steve Dannenmann is one of the biggest rising poker players throughout the years. He is also known as the Taxman, he started playing poker in 2003 with Texas Hold’em after this he also competed in WSOP. Before graduating he started from playing online casino games and then small tournaments in casinos. When he started he wanted to try his skills at the WSOP. There he wanted three things: make it to the second day, get on television and make some money, he accomplishes all three things and manage advance to the final table during 2005 at in WSOP Main Event, where he placed 2nd and won $4.25 million.

Steve Dannenmann is a CPA from Severn, born on 15th august 1966 in Baltimore, Maryland. Because of his profession, thinking up, and sticking to, a plan during the series of game came easy to him. During all Main events he wore the same shirt and visor. He spends time with poker in free time period. He also played Champions Tournaments, where he finished it to the ending table and positioned fifth and won $100,000. He always makes tactics to play eight tournaments in a year and optimistically created money next to the way.

Steve Dannenmann is the fourth best player in his home game prior to his entry in the main event. After placed 2nd in the main event he split $4,250,000 prize with him. He feels that Dan Harrington’s book on the end-game of No Limit Hold’em tournaments helped his in is success. He somehow believe on superstitious and he said no to ride in a cab that number came in 8. He works as a CPA in his own firm and he said he will not quit his job because he loves his job. His total live tournaments winnings exceed $4,500,000.