A Graceful Poker Player

Aaron Kanter is among most prolific poker player, he plays very well both offline and online, he had graced the table of poker rooms in the previous years. He stood 4th in the World Series of Poker Main Event in the year 2005 by defeating many big names; this was his biggest winning achievement. He got his new name “The Giant Killer”, due to his marvelous winning achievement, exploits and cash winning prize of $2 million by occupying 4th place at the final table.

Aaron spends his life by working as a mortgage broker after completing his college graduation; he is good at his profession and he is even great in his next profession as poker player. He discovered online poker at the time of his college period; and soon started coasting from one tournament to another and started making his name in the world of poker. He has got natural skill gift of scientists and mathematicians from his lovely family members. He was bought up at Lodi, California with the air surrounded with science and maths. Later on, Aaron decided to use his natural gift in a better way.

He has even got gift of reading opponents mind perfectly and accurately, his prediction for online and offline game is most of the time true. He usually has a worst hand beginning with the River bailing out, due to this feature Aaron is considered as a lucky poker player by top most poker players. Aaron walked out from many of the major tournaments by holding high cash prize money along with him. One of his biggest achievements is of $17,787 from the WPT PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure; he stood at 48th place in this tournament. Aaron has his own philosophy that – “if the pot is large, he cannot afford to be exclude from that particular table round.