Accountant and Professional Poker Player

Steve Mannesmann is born on August 15th, 1966. He is residing in Maryland. He has nicknamed as ‘Taxman’. He is one of the players who get attracted by all poker lovers and has championship of 2005 year on his name.

He gained the attention of all poker professional players and poker fans in the year 2005. He was a runner-up for mentioned championship in that year. He has own easy of playing the game of poker and was in the last round of poker championship. He has a zero circuit ring and one circuit cashed on his name.

The interesting thing about this player is that he is professional as well as a senior accountant, even with his career in the field of poker game. In the 1994, he has secured a place in the world cup championship.

Steve Dannenmann is a certified public accountant, and he is a financial adviser in many service companies, but still plays the poker game as a professional player who is interested in the financial field. He was a fresh face to the poker at the WSOP, after finishing top of the player pool online at

He has also achieved to be claimed as top four players. In the qualification round for the 2005, ‘WSOP Tournament of Champions’, he finished in the fifth place and won $100,000.

Steve Dannenmann is a certified public accountant, but achieved good success in poker till today. In his early days when he was not playing poker at national or international level, at that time he played only with his friend in the home. He has large fans on his name. He has a lot of records on his name and made him a fellow player in the game of Poker. He is the player of great effort and likes to play online games like cards and casinos.