After the third day that was checked by a real bust in terms of riddance, the 2012 European Poker Tour Berlin carries on its course with the 4th day with only twenty-four poker players elected for the next day. The last day’s chip leader was not capable of keeping its position. He grants his leading spot to Marc Wright who has 2.4 million chips at the day’s end. Having piled up a deal of more than 800000, Vanessa Selbst misses half of her deal face to Kevin MacPhee.

After that, Andrew Chen booted her out from the poker championship in spite of a tough performance throughout the whole day. Among the day’s eliminated players, we saw Will Molson, Scott Baumnstein, JP Kelly, Ana Marquez, Konstantin Tolokno, Koen Visscher, Anthony Picault, Charlotte Van Brabander, Vanessa Seblt and Martin Jacobsson.

But that day was not quite bitter for everyone. This Friday, on the 4th day of this competition, we will see all the twenty-four survivors who are Thomas Cibak, Heinz Kamutzki, Jasper Wetemans, Dmitry Grinenko, Ismael Bojang, Jeff Hakim, Andrey Zaichenko, Andre Morath, David Kahan, Eric Vuissoz, Kevin MacPhee, Daniel Pidun, Davidi Kitai, Mario Puccini, Anton Wigg, Vladimir Geshkenbein, Cesar Garcia Dominguez, Pratyush Buddiga, Bahadir Kilickeser, Andreas Vlachos, Jordi Riba Corrons, Florian Dohnert, Andrew Chen and Mark Wright. The top ten participants have over 1 million chips with 1827000 for Andrew Chen (3rd) and 2311000 for Thomas Cibak (second).