Focus on: Steve Dannenmann

Steve Dannenmann is a US poker player from Maryland, which is also a CPA. His moment of fame came during the World Series in 2005, when he managed to finish on the 2nd place, Joe Hachem being the winner of that main event. It was the first time he took part in the World Series, which makes his story even more impressive. That 2nd place brought him a prize of $4.25 million.

This was the first time he participated in a tournament where he won money and he says that he plays regularly at home with friends and that he is usually not the best player at that friendly game table. Since he didn’t want to spend the $10,000 for the tournament, half the money was contributed by a friend. When he finished 2nd, he split the money prize with his friend

According to Dannenmann, a great help for his success was the book written by Dan Harrington, which dealt with the No Limit Hold’em games from tournaments. Apparently he read the second volume a couple of days before he started playing in the main event.

Some of the players that were knocked out by him included Russ Hamilton, which was champion in 1994, and Mike Matusow. Matusow tutored Steve after that and they are now friends.

Thanks to his main event finish, he qualified for the Tournament of Champions in 2005, where he finished in 5th place, winning $100,000.

He is a superstitious player, wearing the same shirt for one week during that tournament. He also used a lucky globe for a card protector.

After the main event he declared that playing poker for an entire week and in sessions of 12 hours can be quite boring. A lot of professional poker players criticized him for that statement.