25 thoughts on “Joe Hachem: “Gold And Yang Destroyed The World Champ Legacy”

  1. true! poker is dying. too many fish now. fish is good, but too much and the
    good players suffocate. oh and by the way. find a quiet place next time.
    this was very painfull to watch with all the background noise.

  2. he is 100% right.. poker on tv lately has been like watching paint dry. I
    only will watch if the players actually have personalities and have fun.
    not these players with glasses, hats and headphones who just sit there for
    3 minutes making a decision.

  3. Do you know the amount of times i heard people say “im not gonna give my
    money to that dickhead” and move to another cash table or another casion
    altogether in search for a friendly table?

  4. the people who are making a living playing poker, need to view it as a
    job..as a business..u r not there for quick buck, or you’ll be just like
    the fish who cracks aces onetime and take the money and never ever play
    again! you’re job is not only about winning the money by having the edge
    over . an integral part of your job is to ensure “sustainability”, and that
    can be only achived by giving your “customers” value for money, just like
    in any trade. that defines a “pro” in any field!

  5. I understand his point, but he has a whole different perspective now. He is
    like Jerry Seinfeld of sit-com. He made it into history and it made him
    very rich as well. It is indeed different to play for fun (as he does now)
    and play to pay the bills or play to get where he is now: poker
    immortality. Very nice guy, but he is not an average Joe anymore.

  6. Actually the game of no-limit hold em needs to go away. Its boring. Time to
    make omaha the new standard.

  7. some people play poker for a living and couldn’t care less if people at the
    table aren’t having fun. it might be killing poker for a lot of people but
    you cant tell people how to play in a game where their money is on the

  8. Actually, I think the whole of Generation Y is ultimately boring and
    lacking personality. This is probably due in part to not only the
    technology boom turning otherwise sociable kids into borderline recluses,
    but the internet’s nature turning them into the sheeple they thought they
    would never become because “I don’t stare at the TV all day anymore like my
    parents still do!” You’re right. You’re staring at something else all day
    instead. Fascinating.

  9. you are probably one of those young poker-player-wannabe only not
    successful at it. He is so right, your fucking generation is one of the
    less charismatic and most uninteresting in decades

  10. He is so right. hey non-charismatic 20 yo players: Just stick to that
    fucking dark room in your apartment playing 60 tables at the same time
    using poker tracker and all that shit. Leave Tv and live poker to
    interesting, funny and charismatic people. You are NOT, no one cares about
    you. Keep bum-hunting at that computer screen. New school is so
    uninteresting to watch

  11. You have a point, i don’t care for those new-class of players. I can’t
    stand Cates and his bitchy tone of voice. I guess it could be related to a
    new breed of online players who don’t need a personality or be talkative,
    entertaining.. they just compute decisions, when to 3-bet, when to
    value-bet, when to shove.

  12. I kind of agree with him but the game evolves. Just because it wasn’t how
    it was in the ‘good old days’ and he can no longer win against half decent
    internet kids. He’s one of the old skool players that have been left
    behind. Poker isn’t dying, it will always be there, but like any other
    sport/ game it will change. Get with the times Joe, or get out of the way.

  13. Agreed. Ivey is popular because he is the top player and Dwan is
    unpredictable so people want to play like him. How many top new school
    players do you want to hear? Cates sounds like a retard, Issac Haxton is a
    nerdy bitch, Doug Polk doesn’t talk, Phil Galfond never has anything
    interesting to say, and David Benefield is a mute.

  14. WSOP main event has been on a steady decline since 2010. Macau high stakes
    games are the only thing exploding. High stakes games only enrich about the
    top 200 players. Once online starts dying no one is going to make a good
    living playing poker. By good I mean around 85k there will still be the
    high stakes players, but the median professional will make around 40k. Most
    of those top 200 cash players came from grinding online.

  15. Phil Hellmuth was a prick when he won so was Stu Unger. The difference is
    nerds are going into poker instead of your street hustler. The game more
    technical, but as Hachem said who gives a shit.

  16. I’m a big fan of Joe but why knock fellow champs like Jamie Gold or Jerry
    Yang. What’s the point? Especially with Jerry, who as far as I can tell
    gave back so much? Let’s face it, the possibility of wining the WSOP Main
    Event not great. I don’t care who you are. The days of potentially going
    back to back are gone. It’s almost unbelievable that Mark Newhouse has made
    his second straight final nine. I liken that to Joe D’s 56 straight games
    with a hit… AWESOME!

  17. The game is dying, because of silent tables, collusion and bum-hunting like
    Hachem said. Go to three casino poker rooms you will see a group of Asians
    bum hunting. White people do it just as much if not more, but it is way
    noticeable with Asians. I once saw young Asians arguing in Filipino over
    taking too much money away from the group. Wealthiest players 100 million +
    only enrich the top 200 players.

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