Maria Ho

A degree in communication can go a long way in ensuring that you have a successful career in a number of fields and this is one degree which has a lot of career opportunities. There are very few who would want to leave this lucrative career for the game of poker. Maria Ho is one of them; she not only left a very attractive career to play the game of poker, but she also used her communication skills to enhance her game. This made it easy for her to learn the tricks of the trade and also gave her an advantage over her opponents. Being a good communicator, she could also read the minds of other people and this skill came in very handy, especially during her learning days.

Maria Ho believed in the traditional Chinese culture and completed her education and learning of other activities in time. She was an excellent academic student and topped in everything she did. She had a passion for music and loved to play violin and piano. She was also a singer. In other words, she is a multitalented personality and this made her a great poker player. Her urge to learn and make the most out of her learning made her one of the most leading poker players of the world.

Her passion for the game of poker evolved when she was introduced to it in her college days. Playing at the local level, she learned the rules of the game and this made her a true professional. As per her nature, she mastered the game within no time and was a part of the international circuits. This enhances her bank balance and made her the most dreaded opponent in the game of poker. With many tournaments and cash prizes in her name, she is moving ahead and there is no looking back for her.