Playtech trades on Main Market

Playtech made a huge step for its business when they started trading on the main market of the London stock exchange. The online gaming software company has made huge strides in trying to better their business practices and increase their profit just by trading stocks on the market – an a card battle that even the likes of Johnny Chan and Scotty Nguyen would be proud of.

The CEO called for the competition as big move instead of having to deal with an alternative investment market. Many stock exchange companies is calling this an exciting day for Playtech because the software mogul has finally made it into the bigger market. This company was founded in 1999 but its first listing on the alternative investment market was in March 2006. In that year they’ve found that they have increased their revenues by 215% in just the first year. Predictions for this stock on the big market can go up by 193% before the year 2013.

This company thinks that the move will also give them the publicity they need in order to not risk exposure to the black markets. Other groups might think that they are up to criminal activities just because of the regulations that may be interpreted by its license.

According to recent documents there are three main territories that are in risk. China, Malaysia and Germany are the three there are at the highest risk. Playtech’s directors in China believe 3.6% of the gross income was generated by licenses operating on the black market in 2010.

The same goes for Malaysia which was revealed a whopping 8.4% and Germany has an astounding 7.7% of revenue by operating on the black market. That means that Playtech’s gross income on the black market is in a stunning 19.7% of all income made by the company. That means just about 20% of all of their income that they claim is made on the black market by selling online casino memberships so people could gamble online.