Sheraj Nasir: Winner Of 2015 WOT Canadian Spring Championship

Sheraz Nasir who is the Edmonton, Alberta bookkeeper made a note of the 2015 partypoker World Poker Tour Canadian Spring Championship which took place Playground Poker Club which is just outside of Montreal, Quebec. The event took place on Wednesday; he made efforts for acquiring $237,390.

Nasir got hold of the last day of the first event on the WPT Season XIV timetable straggling just chip pioneer Trevor Delaney and grabbing a huge amount of inspiration. He had before it made the 10th-place finish he positioned at WPT Montreal back at Playground during last  November, however, the day came when he had to make a genuine stamp on the WPT as well as the City of Montreal.

In simply the first hand out of six-handed play, Dylan Wilkerson became penniless as he had lost the game with nines against Levi Stevens. He has been two time runner up in 2014 WPT as well as champion of 2014 WPT Johannesburg.

Lu “Chanel” Zhang, after it, started getting steam maneuvering in what resembled a dead heat with Delaney ahead of he all of a sudden exploded, pushing with sixes following the waterway on a king high board. While the Zhang who had aces and decided to bust him fifth so he took a stranglehold at this time in the event.

Truth be told, Zhang seemed prepared to catch a 4-1 chip lead on whatever is left of the table three-handed when she bet everything on a king high flop in opposition to Nasir grabbing pocket aces; then he decided with top pair of kings. Anyway, Nasir pointed another king on the waterway to twofold and the element altered radically.  Nasir for tasting the success had to beaten a field of 370 entries during 5 day.