Steve Dannenmann Poker Player-Amateur player turning to be a Runner-up

When you consider the playing of the games, there are number of games played across the world. One such game played across the world is Poker. Poker game is played from the game’s inception in a familiar manner. There are numerous poker professionals available so. Among such professionals, Steve Dannenmann is the very professional player, who turned as the runner-up in the game which is his first attempt itself. This happened in the year 2005 World Series of Poker. He is also familiar for the way of handling the cards in a unique manner.

Public accountant too:

Steve was born on August 15th 1966 in Maryland. He is very certified public accountant, thus he finished playing the game in the second place as the runner, in the attempt of his playing where he was the amateur player itself, initially when he played so. Steve though finished in the second place; he thus turned earning the amount as the cash prize of $4, 250, 000. He is also the financial advisor for the people who look for the suggestions. He turns to be the mortgage loan officer in the company of his, by the year 1991. This second place was achievable by him, yet he turned out to give an interview by emphasizing that it was his own passion and also interest to suggest people who come in for the suggestions to take loans. And also he likes his job which he keeps wishing by offering the clients to take decisions in financial paths.

Steve is the new face in the history of World Series of Poker, also at the very segment of WSOP; he was given the very fourth best player in the game. It was the book of Dan Harrington, which gave him the tactics to win the game, and also allowed him to know in better manner.