The Taxman poker player

He played for the first time in World Series of poker in 2005. He started his career as a poker player only one and a half year back. During his college days, he was playing card regularly with his friends and family members. At that time, it was only a source of fun for Steve Dannenmann. Then he started visiting local casinos to learn the basics of poker game. Initially he was participating in small events only.

This time he decided to try his experience in WSOP main event. There were three reasons for him to join the poker table – fame, money, and fun. You can reduce stress with poker game after a heavy work load. According to his statement, it is important to set goals in your life to become successful. Every action should be planned and thoughtful. These are some primary keys to become a great player in any field.

Steve Dannenmann is a certified public accountant who always plans for common public. He said it was in his blood to come up with a thoughtful plan at poker table. Poker is perfect combination of skills and luck. He was really lucky to manage even a bad game without any good hand. Some events are purely luck based where you won big cash prize and other incentives.

Steve Dannenmann was working hard to improve his poker skills. He was reading poker book and interviews continuously. Now he was slightly better as compared to past events. Besides that, he cannot be considered as a professional poker player. In fact, he never aimed to become a professional poker player. He is running his own personal business successfully at Maryland. He has launched his business at the age of 23 only. He is highly qualified person with lots of analytical skills. On an average, he plays eight tournaments every year.