Theo Jorgensen shot 3 times during a robbery

Poker Pro Theo Jorgensen shot three times during a robbery at Sunday night, now he is admit in a hospital and recovering after an injury. According to his statement, three robbers entered to his home forcefully and asked him to release his all Euros. Robbers shot him three times in his leg. This was an attempt to squeeze more Euros from Poker Pro Theo Jorgensen or it can be taken as pure punishment by robbers. His wife is the witness of whole event and she called the police immediately after the robbery. All three men were dressed up in dark clothes with average physique. There was a submachine gun also with the robbers.

Poker Pro Theo Jorgensen is finally recovering in Hospital

It was really thankful that his injuries are not life threatening. Currently he is in Denmark and recovering in Hospital. He has also posted a message at Facebook that he is safe and finally recovering at Denmark hospital. He is a cautious man and knows how to protect his family outsiders. Perhaps, robbers get a wrong idea that lots of cash is stored at my home. Security alarms are already installed in my house. Now Theo Jorgensen is planning for taking more security actions for protecting his family against outsiders.

This was not the first time that robbers have attacked any poker like this. Players have faced the same situation in the past also. It is necessary for everyone to keep their home secure against robbers. Security has become worldwide concern in the modern world. All players are also advised to keep small cash amount at their home. Install security camera for recording attacks and other events at your home. You can also appoint security guard to protect yourself. But it is good to know that Theo Jorgensen is out of danger now.