Who is Steve Dannenmann?

Steve Dannenmann is a professional poker who plays in many world tables and has won many championships, bringing him a lot of cash. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1966. He became popular in the 2005 poker world events and finished first scooping a big cash prize. Since 1991, he has been a great businessman in the field of accounting and manages his own firm. Apart from his business, he plays poker, which he sees as a hobby.

Even though he won great cash pieces, he still loves his business very much and he likes advising people thus making very efficient financial details which shows he is a great performer in the field of business. Poker is an amazing game to him but business to him is the talk of the day. His company has taken him time and money to establish up to the present time.

He won WSOP in the 1994 championships, which made way for him in the world championships. Steve Dannenmann believes that he is superstitious man and in the world tournament, he wore the same t-shirt for more than 7 days consecutively without changing it. With his experience in mortgaging, he is a great changer of many America people who need smart financial advice in the field of finance. In 2005, he finished in the fifth place and scooped a cash prize of $1,000,000. All his earnings in gambling have made him a rich man on top of his business, which he believes is the backbone of his life.

The poker has great passion and commitment to the game thus becoming a figure in the world charts. Steve Dannenmann is an experienced poker although he appeared in world poker table late in his life. He keeps on hoping that he can still scoop the best price in poker.