Winnipeg Waiter Plans To Keep Pizza Job Despite $1M Poker Win

Patrick Serda, a waiter at pizza shop turns into a million overnight.

And this does happen because of any lottery game or because of some miracle. But, the money came from poker. The waiter won nearly $1 million in tournament of poker of international level. However, despite winning the poker tournament Prague says he will keep his job going.

Serda beat 400 international poker players filed on Monday and secured the second position. He pot for €719,000, the amount is nearly $1 million Cdn.

Sharing his thought after the win, Serda says “The things is really unpredictable, the amount I have won, has not come into my account yet, but it is reflected in my online account.” “I have no plans as of now, but this is really great to receive this big amount.” He said.

Serda said “I started playing poker few years back, but I don’t consider myself as a professional poker player. $1-million pot is my first single largest single win. I have won $250,000 earlier as well in an on September 2017.”

“After winning the tournament I am confident. And now I don’t think of playing any tournaments, I believe I could not win,” Serda added.

Serda has won the jackpot amount and now heading to more poker platforms in the world. However, he has not forgotten his roots, he says, I would love to work in a place where I was working. I love the place and the work I was doing.

Serda is moving to Australia and Bahamas for an upcoming event, but he is still in touch with friends with whom he was in touch with when he began playing poker. He said the friends are still there wishing me for the win and recalling the days when we all started playing.