10 thoughts on “Wsop 2005 Tournament of champions 2/8

  1. @stereoboyjz Lol, I don’t need to be reminded of the thing Brutus is famous for, but it is true that him and Cassius were best friends with Caesar before they betrayed him.

    And wow, someone defending Norman Chad. There’s a first for everything I suppose, but really… why would you defend someone as useless as Norman Chad? His job description is poker commentator but instead he shows up and performs the role of failed comedian at every opportunity.

  2. @DWiens421 Relax. Brutus betrayed and killed Caesar. Read your history before you start firing off on other people.

  3. @ilovebowling11 He wouldn’t stack his chips, meaning it is difficult to see exactly what Hellmuth had… it was more that Hellmuth acted like a fuckhead about it, rather than the initial action itself.

    Also, Norman Chad you fucking idiot, Brutus and Caesar were friends.

  4. Donk-amann is just that’… he knows he will probably never make a televised table again so he trys and makes a scene to extend his 15minutes of fame with one of the best poker players around, the guy is an ass poker is full of tournament donk’s like him that strike lightning in a bottle and all of a sudden there great players.

  5. @FillyUps I agree. Dannenman is a total phony. I met him once at the borgata and he made a derogatory comment towards me.

  6. @noch21Gramm Not sure why Dannenman has this nice guy image. Even during the main event I saw signs of doucheness. This is just another great example of it.

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