9 thoughts on “WSOP 2010 Episode 1 part 4/5 – 50K Poker Players Championship

  1. @finnfisu this is a tournament, people like to raise from 100 to 50k cuz they are idiots. if u want to watch real poker watch cash games where every is deep stacked with 200 BBs. lots of actions, lots of bluffs.

  2. Baker’s a tool. He didn’t have to push either time…simple re-raise would have revealed what his opponents had. Glad to see the arrogant clown “grinded.”

  3. @LiberalGRINDER I actually play online and live tournaments and cash game all the time and make much profit while playing. and I know what the difference between CG and tournaments. These players and tired and play bad poker. this is gambling, not using your skills and calculating odds.

  4. @finnfisu you obv dont know what your talking about. This is a tournament sir. Not a deep stacked cash game. There isnt that much post flop play to begin with. Also most of these “all ins” are from ppl that were just crippled and sitting less than 20-30bb’s. If you think you know what your talking about. Sign up and deposit money on Pokerstars and tell all of your friends to do the same.

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