7 thoughts on “WSOP 2010 Episode 1 part 5/5 – 50K Poker Players Championship

  1. @Tehui1974 Yeh. I really wish they’d show some normal plays sometime. It seems like every play they show contains either a flopped set or a river card that gives two people a straight and someone else quads.

  2. @nikcun6251
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    And yes
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  3. i love the youtube pros, telling what’s best for the players… i guess that’s why you are giving comments on youtube, and they are millionaires playing poker in real life

  4. terrible bluff w/ Q10 grinder. You lead the flop representing a hand that more than likely would have check called the river. Gotta bet that turn if you wanna follow up the river. As played i would give up on that river most of the time.

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