3 thoughts on “WSOP 2010 Episode 2 part 2/5 – 50K Poker Players Championship

  1. @reidlic2368
    Sounds like a plan… Okay I’ll hook you up my FTP username is kaztunes8540 =]

    And its true
    Full Tilt Poker today announced on their twitter fan site that new players should go to FTPs website, then sign up for an account using the code AMERICAS.
    It really is a pretty amazing promo special offer. They will double your first deposit in addition to a couple other nice perks. It’s limited to the first 1000 players that register usin it

  2. @dereksbooks easy laydown , all tho well played by the russian by betting it , if he checks he may have to call more. By betting he knows only a jack can raise him there , too risky to bluff into a jack for mike so when he raises its 99.9% a jack high straight

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